CRLA's LGBT Summit

Brawley, CA

CRLA’s LGBT Program has a Safe Schools project, focused on preventing anti-gay bullying in California’s rural schools.  On May 18th, 2013 CRLA’s El Centro office held an LGBT Summit in Brawley, California.  Over twenty-four parents, students’ school administrators, teachers and county officials attended the day-long summit, all  who are concerned about bullying based on race, gender, disability and other characteristics.  Many of the participants shared their stories about being the target of many kinds of bullying, including anti-gay bullying in school. Parents shared their frustration about how difficult it can be to get help for their children.  

CRLA provided know–your-rights information and local resources for the attendees.  The Imperial County Office of Migrant Education emphasized their support of this work and remains an important local partner. A unique aspect of CRLA’s LGBT Program is that it combines family support with legal aid and advocacy.  Parents, even parents who are attempting to seek help for their child, are often uncomfortable discussing LGBTQ identities, especially in the context of their child. Connecting families with mental health services creates healthier outcomes for children. It allows parents to accept and love their whole child, making them better advocates to fight for their children’s rights and safety.



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