Mexicali Earthquake affects El Centro Office

California earthquake epicenter

A powerful quake strikes Tijuana & Southern California. There are reports of widespread property damages.

April 2010

A message from our El Centro office:

"We have had thousands of after shocks, some imperceptible, but yesterday morning we had a 5.5 when Senator Boxer was touring Calexico. Hopefully, things are settling down. The Governor was also here yesterday and we are hoping for an emergency declaration so that federal funds can start flowing. Estimates are that about 800 homes/mobiles have been red tagged. 23 businesses in Calexico are condemned. Two 60-ton water filtration tanks were knocked off their bases, etc., etc. etc. We actually have not had anyone calling or coming in with quake-related issues, but I know that it is just a matter of time. A coordinator for the Red Cross from San Diego called me yesterday and we are setting up a meeting of various providers for Monday. I have also set up a meeting with some housing assistance providers for this afternoon, but we may just combine it with the Red Cross meeting Monday. Thanks for thinking of us. Just to put our quake into perspective, it was stronger than either the Haiti or South American quakes."

Lorenzo Campbell
District Attorney
CRLA El Centro Office


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