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Santa Maria:

Job Number: 42512

Community Worker

Reporting to the Directing Attorney, the Community Worker will perform initial screenings for eligibility, interview to determine the nature of the legal problem/s and to identify the type of legal assistance being sought by the applicants.


  • Applicant Intake. Perform initial screening for eligibility; interview applicants to determine the nature of their legal problem and to identify the type of legal assistance being sought. Interview applicants to learn the underlying causes of their legal problem, and how the legal assistance being sought would assist clients in meeting their short, mid-range, and longer-term goals.
  • Provide applicants with appropriate legal information and referrals.
  • Prepare and deliver to attorneys and other staff verbal and written reports of applicant interviews, including: facts pertinent to the issues raised by applicants; assessments of applicants' capacities to represent themselves in the legal matter, and of the obstacles applicants face in meeting their stated goals.
  • Conducting Investigations. Gathering information though field inquiry and other research related to actual or potential cases and litigation.
  • Prepare simple documents from standard forms.
  • Assist pro-per clients in identifying useful information for presentation of their cases; provide appropriate advocacy and make referrals where appropriate.
  • Lay Advocacy. Represent client's interests in administrative hearings and other forums appropriate to a non-lawyer and engage in lay advocacy to the extent permissible under the law and the code of professional ethics; perform ministerial duties in connection with lawsuits such as filing and the service of process; and interpreting for non-English speaking clients in interview situations and before formal and informal tribunals.
  • Community Outreach and Education. Provide legal information and skills training to individuals and groups to help our client communities understand and assert their legal rights and responsibilities.
  • Collaboration with other agencies. Maintain CRLA liaison with community organizations and groups to ensure that CRLA resources address client community needs.
  • Community Workers may be required to work outside the office, for instance, to work on regional sweeps.
  • Perform other tasks assigned.

Flexible to any CRLA office:

Job Number: 40923

Staff Attorney - CRLA Rural Justice Fellowship

CRLA Rural Justice Fellowship, the Fellow (Temporary, Exempt, Full-Time) will provide comprehensive legal services to eligible clients in CRLA priority areas in accordance with CRLA program guidelines, the ABA Standards for Providers of Civil Legal Services and the Code of Professional Responsibility. The Fellow will be reponsible for providing legal services (advice, negotiation, litigation & administrative advocacy), Community Workers and Support Staff relating to all clients being advised or represented. Take on significant statewide impact activity, including institutional, group litigation and community economic development and develop leadership in working with the community, clients and other advocacy groups related to statewide impact issues. For a full job description and requirement please click on the link on the left side. 


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