CRLA Expands Protection For Low Wage Employees

CRLA Expands Protection for low-wage employees

Bill Hoerger, Director of Litigation, Advocacy & Training

Bill Hoerger,
Director of Litigation, Advocacy & Training

CRLA, under lead counsel, Bill Hoerger, co-counseling with Talamantes Villegas Carrera, LLP, convinced the California Supreme Court to issue the first-ever decision recognizing the broad wage protections afforded California workers. The Court affirmed that workers can turn to the historic standards provided under Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) regulations to identify who, among multiple parties that control or oversee work, is liable as an "employer" for unpaid minimum and overtime wages. The Court rejected the employers' attempts to limit workers' rights under California law to common-law concepts of the employment relationship.

This decision advances the rights of California workers by embracing almost every legal argument asserted by the Plaintiffs. Although CRLA's clients did not win for themselves, they achieved a major victory for low wage workers everywhere.

To Download Martinez, et al. v. Combs, et al, Opinion Filed 5/20/10
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