Rural Justice

To fight for justice and individual rights alongside
the most exploited communities of our society.

Programs & Services

CRLA offers a variety of services and programs
to California's low-income communities.

Priority Areas

CRLA program prioritites for client representation
in the following legal areas: housing, labor,
education and leadership development

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CRLA in the NEWS


How COVID-19 Changes Our Work in Rural California

Many clients we see in CRLA offices are people whose work often goes unseen. They harvest fruits and vegetables, cook and deliver food, restock shelves, clean homes and businesses.

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EDD Affirms Disability Standard to Improve Protections for Pregnant Farmworkers

When we launched our Medical Legal Partnership (MLP) with Monterey County Department of Health in December 2017, we gave special focus to one of the county’s most pressing public health issues: poor outcomes for babies and children due to their mothers’ exposure to pesticides while pregnant

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Need for Trained Interpreters Increases in Kern County and Statewide

Imagine being in the hospital for urgent care, attending a disciplinary hearing at your child’s school, or being questioned by police after witnessing a crime—but you can’t understand what’s being said or communicate what you know.

Situations like this are all too common for the 6.7 million California residents…

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CRLA, Public Justice Defeat Coerced Arbitration for H-2A Workers

After a two-day bench trial in front of the Hon. Edward Chen, CRLA Salinas attorneys Ana Vicente and Josephine Weinberg, together with co-counsel Karla Gilbridge and Rodolfo Padilla of Public Justice, successfully challenged an arbitration agreement against Elkhorn Packing, a large H-2A agricultural employer in the Salinas area.

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For a farmworker woman, sexual violence is typically suffered in silence. She may not know her legal rights. Employers and supervisors frequently use these fears to exert power and control over farmworker women. These are their stories


We truly appreciate your desire to help us provide
direct legal services, community outreach, and
educational workshops to farmworkers
and other low-income Californians.